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by a partial, prejudiced, and ignorant historian

she's a strange girl, i've heard, and does odd things

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Name:Airship Penguin

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1890s, 1930s, adventure, airships, androgyny, antigone, arthurian legend, atheism, beijing, blackadder, blowing shit up, books, british empire, c.s. lewis, cats, charles dickens, chaucer, children's books, children's literature, china, chinese food, chinese history, chocolate chip cookies, christianity, christopher marlowe, chrysler building, classical music, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, cole porter, comics, corelli's mandolin, coupling, dante alighieri, depression, disney, dorothy l. sayers, dorothy parker, dungeons and dragons, early modern literature, edmund spenser, english literature, fanfiction, fedoras, feminism, firefly, friends, gaslamp fantasy, gen, george gershwin, george orwell, georgette heyer, gilbert and sullivan, girl genius, guns, harry potter, historical fiction, history, intp, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jeeves and wooster, jim hines, john donne, john keats, knights, knowledge, korean, korean history, l.m. montgomery, latin, laughing, lemony snicket, leverage, libertarianism, libraries, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, lord peter wimsey, lost horizons, lu xun, mandarin, mandarin chinese, martin seligman, meat, middleman, movies, narnia, ncis, pathfinder, penguins, pirates, plato, poetry, positive psychology, postmodernism, psychology, pulp, queer, queerness, rainbow flags, rationalism, ravenclaw, reading, research, role playing, romanticism, rpgs, shakespeare, sherlock, sixteenth century literature, social history, south park, steampunk, terry pratchett, the blue castle, the faerie queene, the middleman, the princess bride, tintin, toys, travel, victorian era, victoriana, vladimir nabokov, w.h. auden, webcomics, white collar, william shakespeare, writing, yevgeny zamyatin, zeppelins, zombies
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